The Sons of Thunder is a Christian band and part of a larger, growing group of average guys who have decided to take a stand for Christ and work on becoming better husbands and fathers - yes, even sons.

The Sons of Thunder was hatched about 5 years ago. This group often leads/joins a larger group of men in study and prayer and seeks to serve the wider community.

Based in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, SOT has been known to tackle a range of projects - everything from home maintenance chores to helping move immigrant families. In 2008, the group did some missions work in NYC serving, playing and singing at the Bowery Mission. As is often the case, those who went to 'minister' were 'ministered to'. When the praises go up...the blessings come down!

If you live on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, look us up at Bridgewater Baptist Church. And feel free to invite us to lead or participate in your event. We love road trips! Rock on!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Call

Today I am asking for all your help. We have a brother who needs us. All of us and no matter how busy you are, everyone can space 1 minute.

I am asking everyone to take a moment and pray for our dear friend and brother John. John's wife is in need of a miracle and it just so happens that our Lord is in the miracle business. We will continue to pray for Dawn as I'm sure most of you who know them will but as we are all concerned about Dawn and desperate for her recovery, let's now forget that John needs strength too.

John is the kind of person who can put a smile on anyones face. He will tell you a story, entertain you and make you laugh. He's the kind of person that make you feel tired just watching him running around Town working as hard as anyone I have ever met.

These are hard times though and John needs us. We need to put a moment aside, ask God to help John, give him strength, hope and faith. We are all Sons of Thunder, in this together and when one brother is down we're all down.

So before you leave work or go to bed today, ask God to help Dawn AND John.

Our Brother.

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