The Sons of Thunder is a Christian band and part of a larger, growing group of average guys who have decided to take a stand for Christ and work on becoming better husbands and fathers - yes, even sons.

The Sons of Thunder was hatched about 5 years ago. This group often leads/joins a larger group of men in study and prayer and seeks to serve the wider community.

Based in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, SOT has been known to tackle a range of projects - everything from home maintenance chores to helping move immigrant families. In 2008, the group did some missions work in NYC serving, playing and singing at the Bowery Mission. As is often the case, those who went to 'minister' were 'ministered to'. When the praises go up...the blessings come down!

If you live on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, look us up at Bridgewater Baptist Church. And feel free to invite us to lead or participate in your event. We love road trips! Rock on!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Been Too Long

I must apologize for the time between my contributions to the Blog.  Between new jobs, studies and prepping for Municipal Elections I have neglected to post.  Not to mention the issue with my parents that had all but consumed our summer but more on that another time.

The Lord will Provide.  We've all heard that one before right?

"Sure He will", most people would say sarcastically.  I am here to tell you brothers and sisters that He indeed will.  Without writing a 5000 word essay on "How the Lord has provided this summer" I will try to explain.

There have been a number of occasions since I turned my life over to Christ where our family has wondered how we would weather certain "financial storms", especially the last  few months during career changes for us both.

When Trina was ending most days at work crying from the stress, the Lord put a dear friend on my path who presented our family with a chance for me to work full-time and my wife to leave her job and stay at home with the kids (I was a stay-at-home Dad for 8 years).

When we were just about to make the switch, cutting our income almost in half, the Lord saw our need and let's just say, money arrived out of nowhere.

When we needed to re-think our "vehicle situation", He guided us to a solution that just couldn't have happened any other way.  

To some, most maybe, it's coincidence.  To me, to people who truly believe that the Lord is around us, watching us and helping us, there is no doubt His hand was there every step of the way.  

Maybe for you it will be time that He gives you.  Maybe it will be money, a friend, healing or simply love.  Whatever it is that you need pray, ask for help.  He knows what you need but wants to hear you call Him.  

Remember A Field of Dreams?  "If you build it, they will come"

To you I say, "If you need Him, He will come".

When the Praises go Up, The Blessings come down...